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Michigan Higher Education Emergency Preparedness Group
The purpose of this group is to engage professionals involved in emergency preparedness at Michigan's colleges and universities in the discussion of current issues, ideas and the exchange of information relevant to Michigan schools. Through this community, it is hoped that we can build a collective voice to support our efforts and needs. 11
Microsoft Sharepoint as Incident Management System Users Group
This community serves to host a users group from those jurisdictions or entities that currently use or are in development of using Microsoft SharePoint as the bases for their incident management system. The goal is to share ideas, collaborate on problem solving, etc. 123
Military Emergency Management
Provide connections to individuals charged with protection of Military Communities. 25
Moore Norman Technology Center
Public Career and Technology Education Center 4
Mutual Aid Strong Angel Community
On September 10-11, 2012, the FEMA National Integration Center (NIC) hosted the first Mutual Aid Strong Angel Demonstration to bring together several key stakeholder groups that have technology-enabled mutual aid systems to demonstrate, in a “no-fault” live environment, how these various systems most effectively and efficiently work together towards the same goal and how they can share information in real-time. The purpose of this effort is to maximize the operational viability of the Nation’s investments in mutual aid and improve upon the current National Mutual Aid System. The National Mutual Aid System is a system of systems that builds on existing processes that span from routine, automatic aid to the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC). It integrates related national policy; local, state, territorial, tribal, and Federal mutual aid agreements and compacts; national guidance; and technology-enabled mutual aid systems in-use by public safety nation-wide. To further collaboration on this topic and inform a supporting National Interoperable Mutual Aid Technology Architecture a “Mutual Aid Strong Angel” community of practice has been established. 27
Narrow Band
A disucssion of all things Wide band to Narrow Band including tools, frequency coordination discussions, etc. Remember the magic date is January 1, 2013. This community will also discuss the addition of narrow band frequency designators to your license. 103
National Business Emergency Operations Center (NBEOC) Community
The FEMA National Business Emergency Operations Center (NBEOC) Community is a networking forum that facilitates member-to-member discussion and information-sharing related to common challenges and best practices relevant to private sector resilience, emergency management, and disaster response. 63
National Capital Region Improvised Nuclear Device Planning Group
The National Capital Region Improvised Nuclear Device Working Group Working group will develop and collaborate on a Improvised Nuclear Device Plan for the National Capital Region. After the completion we continue to collaborate on the annual & semiannual plans maintenance. The audience is emergency management planners & State Emergency Support Functions team members in the State of Maryland, Commonwealth of Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Additions Federal Partners will include all federal agencies that support or serve in support of the Response Emergency Support Functions HHS, DOT, USACE, and DoD. 7
National Conversation on Homeland Security Technology
This community will provide a single location for the National Conversation (Nat Convo) planning team to collaborate and share information and documents. 4
National Exercise Program (NEP)
This Community of Practice is for internal collaboration and working space for the National Exercise Program 24
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