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National Exercise Program Capstone Exercise 2014 (NEPCE)
The National Exercise Program Capstone Exercise 2014 (NEPCE) is a complex emergency preparedness exercise that serves as the capstone event for every two-year cycle of the National Exercise Program (NEP). The NEPCE will examine the Nation’s ability to coordinate and implement response and recovery policies across multiple mission areas and will be designed, conducted, and evaluated based on objectives and capabilities that align with four Principals’ Objectives of the 2013-2014 NEP cycle. 11
National Guard
Community where all members can discuss the various roles the National Guard has in Homeland Security and responds to natural or man-made disasters. A forum where everything from new ideas on roles and responsibilities to how industry can respond to the needs of the National Guard and First Responder communities can be openly discussed. 108
National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC)
The National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving situational awareness, interoperability, and information sharing capabilities at all levels of government and for all Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Public Safety, First Responder and Healthcare Preparedness communities across the nation. Since its founding in 2012, the NISC s grown from five (5) founding members to over 435 member organizations representing over 1000 federal, regional, tribal, state, and local government (civilian and military), non-governmental, academic, and private industry partner organizations across the United States, Canada, and in several other countries around the world. Many NISC members play important leadership roles in State Interoperability Executive Councils, International and National Associations (e.g. IAEM, NEMA, NASCIO, NSGIC, IAFC, IACP, etc.), and national initiatives inclung the Project SAFECOM Interoperability Initiative and the White House supported Incident Mangement Information Sharing Working Group among others. NISC Membership - . The NISC Board of directors is comprised of leaders and practitioners with experence in a wide variety of fields. Directors come from the National Guard, emergency management agencies, fire departments, police departments, healthcare preparedness organizations, information technology and GIS agencies, and the private sector. They bring a wealth of experience and represent local, state, regional, national, and international perspectives. Our Board members are recognized experts in their fields, and their knowledge and vision shapes the work of the NISC. NISC Leadership - . In partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) First Responders Group, the NISC presents an opportunity for information sharing on a "whole of government" scale. 6
National Mass Care Strategy
An effective mass care strategy is one which we are well versed and fully prepared for, no matter the scale and scope of the disaster. A community that supports all community mass care needs, including emergency sheltering, feeding, bulk distribution, evacuation, household pets and service animals, access and functional needs and family reunification. To best address these needs, which are scalable based on severity and scope of an event, the concept of a National Mass Care Strategy was introduced and developed through a collaborative process led by the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster under the direction of the National Mass Care Council. 45
National Planning System Virtual Resource Center
The National Planning System is an effort to build and integrate the Nation’s planning capabilities. The System does not focus exclusively on creating plans; rather, its goal is to provide the necessary training, tools and resources to enhance the Nation’s planning capability and to integrate planning across all disciplines regardless of the scope of the planning effort. 19
National Security Professional Emergency Management Fellows
Promote the education, training, and experience of current and future professionals in national security positions in executive departments and agencies. 21
National Wildland Fire Coordination Group
A community for wildland fire fighters to access and share critical information in a secure easy to use web portal 97
NBEOC Maintenance Group
This community is intended for the sharing of information between DHS S&T staff and FEMA private sector division for the maintenance of the nbeoc community. 3
NED Test
New York Area Science and Technology Forum
Managed and hosted by S&T's National Urban Security Technology Laboratory in Manhattan, the New York Area Science and Technology Forum (NYAST) is a consortium of federal, state, and local government organizations and private sector groups who regularly meet and interact to promote and discuss advances in science and technology applications. The quarterly NYAST topical meetings provide an opportunity for the diverse First Responder members to interact and develop contacts across the homeland security community. In addition, the NYAST forum provides a unique opportunity to gather valuable feedback from field operators and to draw out operators’ most pressing issues and needs in homeland security. 198
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