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Next-Generation Incident Command System (NICS)
The Next-generation of Incident Command System (NICS) is a DHS S&T sponsored program that integrates current and next-generation Incident Command System (ICS) Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) and supports real-time collaboration in a web-browser, map-based environment with shared whiteboarding, data overlays and text chatting. This online approach promotes a high-fidelity distributed Common Operating Picture (COP) that enhances voice-relayed information, while reducing the demands on frequently overloaded radio frequencies. Furthermore, the system streamlines information distribution and maintains valuable incident archives by capturing decisions and conversations that are lost in current voice-centric disaster responses. 65
NGFR Smart Hub Quick Start Guide
The DHS S&T Next Generation First Responder (NGFR) Apex program is committed to support our Nation’s first responders—law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personnel—in carrying out their duties. As part of their efforts, the NGFR Apex program is developing the First Responder On-Body Next Generation Architecture (Smart Hub). This architecture has been developed to guide vendors in developing Smart Hub modules that will interact successfully with one another and provide the capabilities needed by first responders in the execution of their missions. The Smart Hub Quick-Start Guide introduces the information systems, software subsystems, and hardware /software devices that fulfill a set of initial Smart Hub requirements. The NGFR Apex team would like to invite a selected audience to access and provide comments on this living document throughout the next several months to make sure the handbook meets the needs of our industry partners for a better and smoother technology integration and cooperation. 14
North Carolina Healthcare Emergency Management Council
This is the team site for emergency managers of North Carolina hospitals and hospital systems. 70
North Carolina Hospital First Receiver Patient Decontamination
Site for members of the NC Hospital First Receiver Patient Decontamination Team, who are working on patient decontamination program materials for healthcare. 56
North Carolina Medical Response System
The North Carolina Medical Response System is a consortium of the This community is for 8 North Carolina Healthcare Coalitions and State Medical Assistance Teams. This site would allow for greater collaboration between the North Carolina Office of EMS and the 8 Healthcare Coalitions. It would provide a forum to share initiatives, resources, best practices, and lessons learned. 5
Northeast Regional Information Sharing Pilot
The Northeast regional pilot community is a place where officials from Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey can collaborate to advance the goals of developing state and regional information sharing capabilities in partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security through its Virtual USA/NICS initiative. The community is available to federal, state, local, and tribal constituencies within those 8 northeast states. 44
NSSE Special Events Health and Medical Support for National Capital Region
The NSSE-SE H&MS community is restricted to ESF 8 supporting and supported organizations for special events occurring in the National Capital Region (NCR) 19
Nuclear Incident Response Team
This Community of Practice is for information sharing, project management, and coordination among the Nuclear Incident Response Team (NIRT) member organizations, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and National Laboratories. 19
Nuclear Radiological Incident Annex (NRIA)
The Nuclear/Radiological Incident Annex (NRIA) community is a place for members of the NRIA planning team to share information, exchange documents, and collaborate on the development of the NRIA. 73
NYS HazMat and WMD Response Team Leaders
New York State has over sixty Counties, many of which have HazMat Teams. This page of the community of hazmat teams will allow team leaders a common platform to communicate. The teams can come together to be able to share information, planning, resources and best practices that can affect other counties within the State. 12
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