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Operational Experimentation (OpEx) Program
This Community of Practice serves as a SharePoint site for the DHS S&T Operational Experimentation (OpEx) Program. 4
Operation River Watch
Data collaboration between multiple agencies involved in protection of SW border of United States, including DOD and non-military for mission. This is a dynamic Homeland Security mission involving multiple agencies needing similar information to collaborate within their specific organization and responsibilities for SW Border. 33
Pacific Northwest (PNW) Pilot Program
The Pacific Northwest (PNW) pilot community is a place where members from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington can collaborate to advance the goals of developing state and regional information sharing capabilities in partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security through its Virtual USA initiative. The community is available to federal, state, local, and tribal constituencies within those 5 northwest states. 49
Partnership of Hospital Emergency Preparedness Professionals
A partnership of hospital based emergency preparedness & emergency management professionals; organized to facilitate the sharing of technology, strategies, plans and programs which may be beneficial to the hospital and the communities they serve. 183
Permian Basin Regional Interoperable Communications System
A forum for stakeholders in the region to collaborate and develop policies and procedures for build-out of regional system. 9
Planning Guidance for a Response to a Nuclear Detonation
The First Edition Planning Guidance focused on topics relevant to emergency planning within the first few days of a nuclear detonation including: 1) shelter and evacuation, 2) medical care, and 3) population monitoring and decontamination. Second Edition changes: Includes the integration of new contributions seamlessly without making references to the differences between the First Edition and Second Edition. Following the first Edition, the Federal government immediately initiated ongoing studies that have provided more robust and comprehensive recommendations. Some recommendations in this Second Edition planning guidance are updated or expanded to capture recommendations that have been drawn from these studies. Most notably, a chapter has been added to address public preparedness and emergency public communications. The Third Edition will incorporate the impacts of a ballistic missile air bursts (100kt @ 5000ft) and the differences between that and NPS #1 (10kt IND ground detonation). 1
Pointer Phase 3 Firefighter Collaboration
This closed community of practice is for POINTER Phase III collaboration with firefighter first responders. 15
POINTER Phase 3 Law Enforcement Collaboration
This closed community of practice is for POINTER Phase III collaboration with law enforcement first responders. 7
Power Outage Incident Annex
Welcome to the Power Outage Incident Annex (POIA) community. This COP is a place for members of the POIA planning team to share information, exchange documents, and collaborate on the development of the POIA. The purpose of the POIA is to provide incident-specific supplemental information to the Response and Recovery FIOPs. The POIA will describe the process and organizational constructs that the Federal Government will utilize to respond to and recover from the impacts resulting from a disruption in the bulk power system, whether resulting from deliberate acts of terrorism or crime, accidents, or natural disasters. Please visit the “Documents” tab at the top of the community page and select the “Supporting Documents” folder to learn more. Thank you for joining and we look forward to working with you. The POIA Planning Team 14
Prepaid Card Reader
A restricted community that will serve as medium to discuss the testing and operational deployment of the Electronic Recovery and Access to Data (ERAD) Prepaid Card Reader and ERAD best practices. 12
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