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Training and Exercise
This community is for those who work in training and exercise, including university, law enforcement, fire, rescue, emergency management, homeland security, military, etc. Members of this group can look for, share, and discuss ways to improve existing training, develop, and to increase the visibility of available training. Any idea can be improved through collaboration from others in the field, and through broadening our base. 141
Tribal Nations Emergency Management
Harmonization, cooperation, and networking home for North American Tribal Emergency managers to discuss issues and share successes relating to the unique issues Tribes and Tribal nations face within the realm of Tribal Emergency Management. 14
TX Dept-Public Safety Office of the Statewide Interoperability Coordinator
The Texas Department of Public Safety Office of the Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC)is responsible for statewide interoperable mission-critical voice and data communications strategic planning, affecting the state’s 5,300 public safety agencies. This community is restricted to TxDPS Office of the SWIC staff. 11
TX DPS Special Projects Office Public Safety Communications Bureau
The Law Enforcement Support Division Special Projects Office within the Public Safety Communications Bureau coordinates special project activities associated with tactical and operational wireless communications projects within the Texas Department of Public Safety. This community is restricted to authorized Texas Departments of Public Safety staff. 18
Type III USFA Incident Management Team (AHIMT)
A designated team of trained personnel representing multi-agencies, multi-jurisdictions, and multi-disciplines for extended incidents, Type III Incident Management Teams are formed and managed at the State, regional, metropolitan level, tribal or DHS Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) region. This community is for existing members and those interested in joining Type III IMTs to coordinate, collaborate, discuss, and share resources and information in support of planning, training, and overall preparedness in the event of AHIMT Deployment 209
Unified Incident Command and Decision Support (UICDS)
UICDS is a national "middleware foundation" designed to suport information sharing for the National Response Framework and the National Incident Management System, including the Incident Command System. UICDS middleware is tranparent to system operators during operation and requires no special training. It is built around data standards and the National Information Exchange Model. 56
Urban OpEx hosted by NUSTL
This community serves as a collaboration site for Urban OpEx hosted by NUSTL. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T) NUSTL will sponsor Urban OpEx hosted by NUSTL with participation from a broad range of federal, state, local and private sector partners. This event will provide first responders with the opportunity to experiment with new and emerging technologies in realistic, urban scenarios. This three-day event will occur in summer 2015 and will combine demonstrations of leading-edge technologies with scenario-based field assessments throughout the New York City area. 9
This Community is open to all users to share information, ask questions and get technical support. 8768
US First Responders Association
Description: U.S. First Responders Association is a non-profit, network of, current and future members, consisting of firefighters, EMS, rescue, police officers, military and civilian support teams. The purpose of the United States First Responders Association shall be to advance the profession of fire, emergency, police and military services through proactive community leadership, education, advocacy, policy, procedure, and guidelines that would best help our emergency services provide aid to the citizens of the United States and worldwide, as well as form a closer bond of fellowship between its members with our focus primarily on: Training, Tactics, Safety, Education and Community Outreach. 159
VA Connecticut Healthcare System
This Emergency Operations Group provides the VA Connecticut Healthcare System (VACTHCS), including Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) and Home Based Primary Care, with an assessable location to communicate, manage, and share Ideas within VACTHCS. 3
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