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Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety (RAPS) Secure
The RAPS team will evaluate Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) using key capability measures (i.e. endurance, stability, resolution, etc.) under a wide variety of simulated but realistic and relevant real-world operational scenarios. The RAPS-Secure Community of Practice will serve as a means for the team to disseminate the RAPS Test Reports to qualifying federal, state and local government employees. 59
ROSS Steering Committee
This closed group is for the ROSS Steering Committee Members 3
Safety Officers
The objective of the Safety Officer's Community is to provide a venue for the exchange of information, documents, job aids and experiences from safety officers (SOFR) all over the country. 54
SANDBOX where you can Play and Experiment
A community of practice where users can try the different features and learn how to use the Communities of Practice application. 141
SAVER Community
This community hosts limited distribution SAVER documents for registered users to view and download. We are in the process of reclassifying and transitioning SAVER documents from FRCoP to the S&T website ( If you require accessibility assistance with limited distribution SAVER documents during this transition, please contact 89
Search and Rescue Working Group
The intent of this working group is to provide a general framework for discussions related to search and rescue as defined by FEMA's ESF 9. This comprehensive grouping includes urban, wilderness, maritime and aeronautical SAR. The inclusion of the various SAR disciplines in one working group is to encourage information sharing and technology developments. 179
SEC Safety and Security Association
This community is established to provide a secure location for South Eastern Conference Police Chiefs, Emergency Managers, and Athletics Event Managers to share sensitive documents, best practices, new initiatives and other related information to promote continuity, consistency and improve the overall safety and security of SEC events. 22
Situational Awareness and Common Operating Picture Certificate Program
Community members will focus on the development and implementation of a Situational Awareness and Common Operating Picture (SA & COP) Certificate program for emergency management professionals across the nation. 5
Small Unmanned Aerial Systesm (sUAS)
The small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) community is open for an First Responder, Emergency Management, Wildlife resource, Agriculture or other interested government communities that currently use unmanned systems or is looking to start using them for officer safety and force multipliers. This will be a best practices/lessons learned forum for all things UAS: FAA coordination, flight training, constitutional requirements, Search and Rescue, Surveillance (warranted), Emergency Response, Advanced Crime Scene Photography, Mass Casualty Response, Active Shooter and Tactical response missions. 57
South Carolina National Guard J5
Collaboration site for Annual Restructuring Report to the State’s Legislative Oversight Committee. This report requires collaboration from all entities in the SC Military Department. 1
Southeastern Massachusetts Regional 911
Members and partners of the Southeastern Massachusetts Regional 911 System. 1
Sport and Stadium Security
Sporting and entertainment venues are increasingly vulnerable to manmade and natural disasters. Members of this Community come from across all sectors to discuss ways to improve security operations at sporting events. 146
Students in Emergency Management
This community allows students wishing to pursue careers in Emergency Management/Homeland Security to collaborate on advancements in the field, career opportunities, and new research. 57
Symbology for NIMS and ICS Applications
The purpose of this community is to promote development of a national consensus-based standardized symbol set for use by personnel using National Incident Management System (NIMS) or Incident Command System (ICS) protocols and procedures. 131
Tactical Medicine
Discussion group centering on unifying tactical medical first responders including advancements, lessons learned, tacmed programs and training analysis, TCCC for civilian first responders, successes, etc. 82
TAMU Police Department
A restricted community for members of the Texas A&M University Police Department in College Station, Texas 16
TAMU System Council of Law Enforcement Administrators
This community is established to provide a secure location for Texas A&M University System Police Chiefs and Security heads to share sensitive documents, best practices, new initiatives and other related information to promote continuity, consistency and improve the overall safety and security of Texas A&M System universities. 9
Texas National Emergency Communications Plan Goal 2 Coordination Community
Texas will be taking a Regional approach for demonstrating NECP Goal 2 response-level emergency communications compliance, due by July 1, 2011. All 254 Texas counties are required by the US Department of Homeland Security-Office of Emergency Communications (DHS-OEC) to participate in one of the many Regional Goal 2 Demonstrations to be held across the state, or have participated in a previous incident as outlined in the DHS-OEC Goal 2 guidance document. The intent of each NECP-Goal 2 exercise is to meet the DHS-OEC requirement for at least 75 percent of the non-UASI jurisdictions to demonstrate response-level emergency communications within one hour for routine events involving multiple jurisdictions and agencies prior to July 1, 2011. This community will provide an administrative and collaborative site for all agencies to share documents and experiences during the NECP-Goal 2 process. 55
Texas Regional Interoperable Communications Planning (RICP) Community
The Texas Regional Interoperable Communications Planning (RICP) Community provides a forum for Texas emergency responders, representatives from the 24 regional Councils of Governments, and supporting consultants/vendors to collaborate and share best practices regarding their regional communications planning efforts. 114
Texas State Agency Radio Coalition
Forum for managers/technicians/programmers of state agency radios systems in Texas to exchange ideas and identify issues that may be common throughout different state agencies radio network. 5
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