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Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Working Group
Allows government and private sector personnel tasked with Automated Critical Asset Management Systems (ACAMS), Terrorist Early Warning Group (TEWG) and Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) programs to collaborate. Threat and Risk Assessment partnerships for large public and private venues would be a large topic. 225
CUSEC Exercise Officers Workgroup
This community is a shared space to plan Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC) - led exercises. 5
Cyber Incident Annex
The Cyber Incident Annex (POIA) community is a place for members of the CYIA planning team to share information, exchange documents, and collaborate on the development of the CYIA. 18
This Government, Industry, and Public mission space requires a dialog of all vested parties to better understand its interdependencies for tactical and strategic planning. The cyberspace domain is a globally-interconnected digital information and communications infrastructure which consists of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures and supports our Nation’s economy, commerce, public safety, personal social networks, and many more activities that Government agencies, Industries, and the public have become dependent on. 97
The purpose of this community is to provide a forum for First Responders to discuss issues related to decontamination. It is envisioned that this will include decontamination of personnel, equipment, and planning for special events such as sporting events, political conventions, etc. This Community can also serve as a method for First Reponders from departments across the country to share their lessons learned and best practices to assist other departments with their decontamination planning and procedures. 208
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