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West Virginia SIEC's Training and Education and Exercise Committee
This community is to provide WV's SIEC Training, Education and Exercise Committee members with a place to discuss and collaborate on best practices, ideas, visions, strategies and issues relevant to interoperable communications. 15
West Virginia Statewide Interoperability Committee (SIEC)
This Community is established to provide WV's SIEC members with a place to discuss and collaborate on interoperability best practices and issues relevant to West Virginia. The SIEC works to advance interoperability, planning, and information sharing capabilities throughout the state. 20
West Virginia Statewide Interoperable Radio Network Radio Programmers
This community is to provide WV's Statewide Interoperable Radio Network's (SIRN) radio programmers with a place to discuss and collaborate on SIRN programming best practices, programming templates, strategies and issues relevant to programming issues on the WV SIRN. 39
WVDHSEM Region 1 County Emergency Management and 911 Centers
Open to all WVDHSEM Region 1 County Emergency Managers and 911 Directors 12
WV Region 4 Emergency Management and 911 Directors
WV DHSEM Region 4 is comprised of Barbour, Braxton, Gilmer, Lewis, Pendleton, Pocahontas, Randolph, Tucker, Upshur, and Webster Counties. This is the rural heart of WV, where first responders share similar problems with communications, funding, and a lack of modern infrastructure. This community will serve as a source of funding, training, and disaster preparedness information. 23
WV Region 5 Emergency Services and 911 Directors
The State of West Virginia has established Six Homeland Security Regions within our state; these Regions are set up to assist with Homeland Security and Emergency Management issues. Within our Region, Region 5, we have some of the largest events in the state, like Bridge Day, State Fair of WV, Greenbrier Classic PGA, World Class White Water Rafting and soon to be the home of the Boy Scout National and World Jamboree. The Emergency Managers/Directors and 911 Directors have come together to be able to share information, planning and resources that can affect other counties within our Region. Region 5 consists of 9 counties and they are Mercer, Monroe, McDowell, Wyoming, Summers, Raleigh, Nicholas, Fayette and Greenbrier Counties. 8
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